3 Scary True Night Drive Stories

Get ready to buckle up and brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping ride into the realm of darkness and uncertainty. In this bone-chilling blog post, we dive into three terrifying true night drive stories that will send shivers down your spine. As the sun sets and the world falls into shadows, the open road becomes a gateway to eerie encounters and hair-raising experiences. From phantom figures lurking in the darkness to unexplained phenomena that defy rational explanation, these firsthand accounts will leave you questioning what lurks beyond the headlights.

Join us as we navigate the treacherous highways and desolate stretches, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. Feel your heart race as you encounter mysterious hitchhikers, encounter the otherworldly, and find yourself on the edge of the unknown. These spine-chilling tales will make you think twice before embarking on your next night drive, reminding us all that sometimes, the darkness holds more than we can ever imagine.

So, fasten your seatbelts, check your rearview mirror, and prepare for a gripping journey through these three scary true night drive stories. It’s time to face the unexplained and unlock the secrets that await in the shadows of the road. Are you ready to brave the darkness? Let’s dive in.

Story 1: The Haunting Night on the Desolate Road

by tealgrayone From reddit

When I was about 19 I was driving on a two-lane road after work around 11 PM.
No other cars on the road and suddenly this guy in a red shirt on a bicycle swerved from the side of the road right in front of my car. I hit him. Felt the impact.

I was repeatedly yelling ” OMG ” and got out of the car to see how badly he was hurt. Only I didn’t see him. I couldn’t find the guy. No bike. No red-shirted guy, no dent or blood on my car. I searched the ditch with a flashlight. A couple of people passed by while I was looking in the field for a body when a sheriff’s car pulled up. I told him what happened. He said I didn’t hit anyone.

He told me that about 15 years earlier a young man in a red shirt was hit by a car while riding his bike right there. He died instantly. Deputy told me that every couple of years someone driving thru there believes they’ve hit a red-shirted bike rider. I’d hit a ghost.

It happened about 40 years ago and it still creeps me out. To this day I don’t like driving at night.

Story 2: Midnight Encounter: Chasing Shadows on the Borderlands

Four years ago I’m driving across the Colorado / New Mexico border at around 4am and I’m looking for a place to stop for fuel. I happened along the smallest and saddest little farm town with only one tiny gas station. I hadn’t seen another car for hours, it’s freezing cold, and it felt like this town was abandoned it was that quiet… honestly it was kind of cool except for the cold.

I’m pumping away feeling like I’m completely alone, until I notice another car in the shadows near the back of the building. Flashy black low rider with completely tinted windows and 4 “right out of a Mexican Gangster movie” looking guys leaning against it. I remember laughing because they startled the hell out me and they were wearing the black shorts, wife beater tank tops and the knee high socks. Remember it was FREEZING cold, it was the middle of nowhere, and they looked so casual.

Without a word, all 4 got off the car and walked straight towards me until I could see the full sleeves and face tattoos under the pump lights. Dropped the gas pump, fired up the motor and did the greatest 0 to 100 that old girl had ever seen. Not 20 seconds after burning out onto the highway, I see headlights swerve out and follow me. Little did they know, my beat up looking dodge truck had the hemi motor and a couple of upgrades, they never had a chance and after a few miles their headlights disappeared in my rear view mirror.

I didn’t think much of it, till a cop buddy told me about the Mexican Cartels running drugs through there to avoid the Interstate. I was speechless…

Story 3: A Nightmarish Encounter on the Dark Highway

I was driving home late one night and was driving on a dark stretch of the highway. Suddenly a body was in front of me, I tried to swerve out of the way but it was too late. My bumper was hanging on the ground.

The guy died. And I went to a nearby gas station not knowing what to do (was 18). When the tow truck pulled my car up on to it, there were a bunch of blood and guts on the bottom. I couldn’t get that image out of my head

Apparently a drunk driver with 5 DWI’s had hit a guy on the motorcycle prior

For years after I had serious depression and thought about it every night before sleep.

Story 4: Running Shadows: A Terrifying Drive Through the Desert Night

A lot of people that drive for a living or have done balls to the wall cross country drives can tell you about the running shadows. First time I saw them I was on the tail end of 12 straight hours of driving. I was driving through the middle of nowhere, in the desert, at night. Very little light from the sky, no man made lights even on the horizon. Just the pitiful cone from my truck’s headlamp, and being in the middle of the desert it pretty much only lights up the road ahead. Nothing above ground level to catch the light.

As I’m barreling along I start to see shadowy figures running alongside my truck out of the corners of my eyes, on two legs and four. All I can think about is the creepy stories you read online about shit that lives out in the desert, or the Asian ghost stories where if you don’t acknowledge the spirit it can’t harm you. So I’ve got my eyes glued to the road, refusing to let them flicker off to the side. I rolled my windows up and cranked up the volume on my radio. Drove like that for probably an hour and a half until they slowly petered out roughly 15 minutes outside of a little one light town.

I’ve had people try to carjack me, people try to rob me after I pull over to render aid, people jump out at me on twisty mountain road, you name it. But nothing matching that level of fear the first time I saw them. Felt like my spine was rippling like a ribbon in a wind trying to jump clear out of my back and hide under the seat.

Sleep deprivation mixed with sensory deprivation does some strange things.

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